Our Philosophy

G-group believes consumers are very smart. They choose brands, products and services on their own terms and have definite ideas about what makes a company, brand, product or proposition worthy of consideration, purchase, referral & recommendation and loyalty.

Our Process

Research is the key to discovering how to make this happen. We explore the conscious and unconscious motivations and behaviors of consumers you want to interest, sell to and retain. Digital behaviour and social media are key consumer drivers.

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research using digital and traditional methodologies. We pioneered On the Street Research. Our G-Ometer Trend Report explores the contours, characteristics and contradictions of the culture and keeps our clients one step ahead.

Our People

We are a group of highly skilled and creative individuals bound together to do great work for our clients. We handle micro to macro size projects. We work in multiple channels and multiple categories including cosmetics, fragrances, fashion, luxury, health and hospitality.