Market Research

Focus Groups, Mini Groups & In-depth Interviews

Executing traditional qualitative research formats using non-traditional techniques to reveal insights, in-person and online.

Online & Telephone Studies

Understanding your customers, prospects & employees. Online community boards and surveys including attitude and usage, satisfaction and tracking studies, as well as bulletin boards and real time chats.

MROC - Market Research Online Community

Exclusively for Beauty & Fragrance

Influencer Interviews

Conducting in-depth interviews with people on the “inside” or “in the know” that influence how people think and what’s coming next.

Fashion & Beauty Customer Audits - Ethnographies

Looking inside the closets & vanities of consumers to determine the products and styles they actually use and wear, what they’re missing and what they would like brands to introduce.

Post Research Creativity Modules

Based on your research results, our trained creative facilitator will custom design a creativity module that helps you craft the leaning into breakthrough strategies, first-to-market products & services and next steps. Our modules employ a wide range of left and right brain techniques to enable participants to generate innovative concepts and tactics, which significantly build on the research findings. We can work with your team and/or bring members of our Group to the session.