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Looking Forward. Curating the characteristics,
contours and contradictions of the culture.
Developed by
Judy Galloway
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Disruption Desired
Industries and brands seek disruption. Most
believe that what drives growth is major
change. With consumers bombarded with
new brands, new products, new services
and new technology, disruption is inevitable
and INNOVATION does sell. Consumers
need a reason to buy and it is marketers'
responsibility to provide it. Regardless of who
you are or what you do,
if you resist change - get out of the way.
The only constant is change.
Technology Roars Ahead
There's no stopping it. Technology keeps
exponentially expanding. It may be too fast
for civilians and some businesses but it
will continue. Planned obsolescence? You
bet. Consumer confusion? Sometimes.
Productivity increases? Definitely. When
AI [artificial intelligence], voice activation,
technology enhanced "smart" everything and
robots take over what will society do all day?
It is thrilling and frightening, but it continues
and will not slow down though a detour to
shore up security and privacy is currently
Marketing A Delicate
Product development and marketing will
increasingly be two-faced. Luxury Value.
Urban - Rural. Complex - Simple. High tech -
Low tech. Digital Print. Female - Male. We
will need to speak or message clearly to our
unique audiences with their unique needs.
With consumers overwhelmed with products,
services and options plus thousands of
opportunities to absorb, advertise and
communicate as well as 24/7 distribution,
we anticipate that the winning combination
will include both hard science and nuanced
intuition, left brain data AND right brain heart.
It is a delicate balance.
Trend Report 2015
Democratization of Design
Transported via the Internet creativity is
emerging from across the country showcasing
talent and expertise. This applies to fashion,
decorating, art and entertainment. Peruse
Pinterest, HOUZZ and Etsy and you will be
astonished. The creative process is being
fueled from the top down and the bottom up.
Former independent bloggers are becoming
publicists, designers, and make-up artists of
Anyone can throw their hat or talent into the
ring. Of course, making the leap from the
digital Main Street to the actual Wall Street
is not easy but now there is a national even
global playground for exploding creativity.
DIY (Do It Yourself) and personalization will
grow in importance. These phenomenons are
raising taste levels across the board. Never
again can a brand talk or design down to a