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Looking Forward. Curating the characteristics,
contours and contradictions of the culture.
Developed by
Judy Galloway
Trend Report 2015
Spotlight Simplification
As the world becomes more complicated,
there is a deep desire to simplify, to make
things easier, to make things work better, to
laugh more, to eat better, to really relax, to
find happiness and contentment. If your brand
can incorporate these qualities: simplification,
improved functionality, humor, sensory
stimulation and calm, consumers will respond.
We will find that complex data analysis
and research allows a brand to finely and
profitably target but the execution must be
simple and elegant - a delicate balance.
The stars must be aligned. The price must
offer true value, the product must offer an
improved reason to be that is real innovation,
the promotion must tell a story that is
compelling and easy to understand, superb
customer service is critical especially in the
important luxury categories and, of course,
you must sell where and when customers
want to buy.
Cuddle Up and Get Cozy
Amidst all this change, technology and noise
one need is rising....comfort. Comfortable
clothes, work-out gear is now street wear,
furniture engineered to be comfortable, a
revolution in mattresses, technology enabled
"smart" homes and cars. Stores that increase
signage, have seating for guests, cordial
sales associates, make purchasing seamless
and offer a suburb experience will be the
stores shopped. Comfort is seeping into
our environment. It is driven by aging baby
boomers but demanded by younger more
casual consumers as well.
Leaving a Legacy
Baby Boomers are aging and the
Greatest Generation, their parents, is
fading from the scene.
At some point most people begin to
think of leaving a legacy. Some will leave
substantial achievements; others small
accomplishments but all that are positive
will enrich those that come next. Building a
company that provides jobs, creating art that
brings pleasure, mentoring a young person,
reading to a child.... all are important and
positively propel the future.
There are hundreds of ways to make a
difference. Business and brands should solve
problems and can be a force for good. Let's
try to make it so.
Popularization of Polarization
The U.S.A. is polarized which is reflected in
all aspects of American life. Polarization and
differences are deliberately stoked for power,
control and money. Not pretty. Our dream of
a harmonious, purple American landscape
keeps reseeding. Perhaps the Millennials
can stem the tide. The first Millennials are
turning 33. They are beginning to "nest" and
start families. They have already started
businesses. By 2017, they are expected to
out-spend Baby Boomers. Against all the
odds they are positive. Thank heavens.